Lake of the Falls Cover

Lake1v5Work is progressing on Lake of the Falls, and today I received the cover design. Let me know what you think of it, but be warned, I really like it (and I’ve already paid for it).

In case you’re wondering what the book is about, here’s an early description:

Kevin Hargrove is a workaholic attorney who has been in a rut so long that he has given up on ever getting out. That is, until he takes a trip with his father to their small former hometown in Northern Wisconsin. Kevin hates the idea of going back, but when he unexpectedly runs into an old high school flame, he starts to think that getting out of his rut is not only a possibility, but a necessity. Can a divorced workaholic really change his life in his childhood hometown or was Thomas Wolfe correct when he wrote “you can’t go home again?”

The book is scheduled to launch in eleven days, and final edits are taking place right now. Time to get back to work.


2 Replies to “Lake of the Falls Cover”

  1. The cover looks professional, Lou. A high compliment. But shouldn’t there be a couple well into the misty background , in a passionate embrace with her dress down over one shoulder, just a bit?

  2. Thanks, Randy! The cover you describe might not be the most accurate representation of the story, but it might help the book sell better. 😉

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